I take Online Course Creators from Drained by Success to a Business Blueprint that delivers Big Impact and Freedom!

(Oh, And We Have a Ton of Fun Along The Way! Welcome Back, Business Sparkle!)

“You save time, increase your profits, and gain peace of mind.. . Julie has a wealth of knowledge and experience and can help a wide range of entrepreneurs!”

~ Cori Zeuli

You’ve scaled with online courses (yay!), but somehow you’ve ended up tied to your computer trying to do all the tech, customer service, and admin.

You’ve had success, but at what sacrifice? Are we having fun yet?

You just want to get back to your zone of genius:
Serving your clients, and creating new courses.
(Hint: Automating that stuff is my zone of genius).

Truth bomb! You CAN step out of the weeds of your business, and it’s actually not hard.
You just need an expert to lay it out for you (Hi! That’s me).

Hi, I’m Julie… I’m here to show you the strategic path to scaling your business and giving you your life back.

I have more than doubled my sales within 6 months, and successfully launched my courses and my membership. Before working with Julie, I was frustrated and overwhelmed. I was doing everything by hand with no automation. Everything was going at a snail’s pace. What I really needed was a business partner to give me guidance, and that’s exactly what Julie has done! Working with her has made me feel as though I have stepped into a spa and received the works.

~ Dr. Katy Jane

Stop the chaos! You’re at the level where you simply can’t be the expert in all things.
Let’s get you back to the work you love to do, while still growing like crazy.

INTRODUCING The Sparkle & Scale Growth Roadmap

SIMPLIFY STEP 1 – Your Sparkle & Scale STRATEGY Roadmap

✔️ We’ll take an in-depth look at what’s been working so far, and more importantly, dig up the hairballs that are clogging up your business

✔️ Make a fool-proof, seamless strategy for your future visions and goals. Goodbye, stress and dread.

✔️ Your customers matter most, right? Strategize a mega-supportive automated customer journey that gets you out of the weeds AND gives your customers a stellar experience with your course and company.

Hello, raving fans and returning clients!

SIMPLIFY STEP 2: Your Sparkle & Scale Flawless SYSTEMS

✔️ Is your tech stack the right one for your biz, or the one recommended by a random course? It’s time to get the right tech stack in order for your visions and goals.
✔️ Bet you didn’t know your software could do that! We’ll recommend automations and functions you don’t even know exist.
✔️ No more chatting with the anonymous help desk “chat” bubbles, and spending hours searching through tutorial videos…we’ll find the right automated solutions for your business.

Your business will be running flawlessly in the background, like the best Virtual Assistant you ever hired!


✔️ No more hiring team members that make more work for you.
✔️ Get the right butts in the right seats – doing the right tasks. No more micro-managing, unneeded team expenses, and tearing your hair out wondering why they just can’t take initiative.
✔️ Free up your time so you can plan new courses, implement new directions for your business, and confidently know the foundations you’ve built are unshakable.

Say hello to the team that actually supports your next-level growth and ease!

Our team is all about bringing the Sparkle & Scale into your business.
You deserve to bring in a business consultant who brings fresh expertise to your operations.

Warning! Massive Growing Pains Ahead! 😉

(But don’t worry… our calls are going to be the highlight of your week!

Pets, balloons, and champagne encouraged)

“Our plans are bigger now and I feel I can elevate my thinking to a higher level knowing that my “Dream Big” plans will now be implemented by a successful team while having a great time working together. I am very grateful.”

~ Glory St. Germain

You’re in the perfect place to book a complimentary session with me if

Your business has grown to the point where you’re working too hard, too much, and doing stuff you don’t enjoy.

(Ouch, your business has become just another job!)

You’re doing your best to keep up with everything, but you don’t get to spend time creating, planning, and looking ahead.

Instead, you feel like you’re always putting out fires.

You know there are better ways to automate and delegate, but you’ve tried a bunch of things that just make more work for you.

One quick (complimentary) call with me will help you stop the chaos and get back to teaching, creating, and designing your online courses.


  • “I have time to focus on my business which brought in more revenue.”
  • “She helped take things off my plate that no one has been able to do before.”
  • “My ‘dream big’ plans are implemented.”
  • “I’m able to expand my view of the growth potential for my business.”
  • I doubled my income in 6 months.
  • “I went from $25K to $125,000 with my online course and high-ticket offer!”

I see you, and I know you’ve been
trying to do it all yourself.

You’re smart, successful, and have had great launches (even if they left you needing a week-long nap).

That’s why you absolutely deserve to hire the kind of experts who can take “figuring this all out” off your plate. You’re no longer at the “DIY” level.

I’ve spent YEARS becoming experts at tech stacks, automations, customer journeys, and support.

Even my clients with 20+ years of experience are shocked and relieved to learn that there is so much they don’t know about how to strategize and automate their business.

I want you to get back to living the dream – that a successful online business would be fun, fulfilling, and let you live your life the way you want.

It’s your time to grow with ease, by hiring a consultant and temporary business partner who can supplement your business expertise.

My clients see an incredible return on their investment with me, because they’re finally free to build out new branches, create new courses, and serve more deeply.

Let’s do this!