Get My Social Media Marketing Template Kit

(And get consistent income while helping amazing people out there)

“You save time, increase your income, and gain peace of mind.. . Julie has a wealth of knowledge and experience and can help you with your business!”

~ Cori Zeuli

You’ve started your Virtual Assistant Business and cannot wait to work with your clients on their social media accounts (yay!), but somehow you’ve ended up spending all day on social media
trying to get clients that want to spend more than a few bucks.

You’ve had success, but at what price point? Are we having fun yet?

You just want to get your Virtual Assistant business going:
Serving your clients, and helping them with their social media marketing.
(Hint: I have been there and I have done that.).

Truth bomb! You CAN GEt consistent income working as a social media marketing Virtual assistant.
You just need A little help getting started (Hi! That’s me).

Hi, I’m Julie… I’m here to show you the strategic path to get social media clients and actually make money with social media.

Pssst… there is an amazing opportunity waiting for you as Social Media Marketing Virtual Assistant. 


Now before you panic, I have you covered. I have worked with podcast hosts as a social media marketing virtual assistant for over 4 years and have all the templates you need to work with podcast hosts. 

“This could be the biggest most influential step that you take as a business owner.

Julie’s positivity, her organization, background and customer service, and her inspiring story of working remotely from around the world are some of my favorite things about Julie! You don’t have to worry about anything – she’ll have it covered.”

~ Beth Schendel

Stop the scrolling on social media and finally get started! You’re done with wasting time.
Let’s get you ready to do the work you love to do, while making consistent income.


SIMPLIFY STEP 1 – Get the Social Media Marketing Template Kit with my strategy

You’ll get my complete strategy I used to get and run my client’s social media marketing so you can just plug it in and run with it. Everything from my social media marketing proposal to my social media posting schedule to the reporting template to show off the amazing results you are achieving for your clients.

Hello, happy long-term clients!

SIMPLIFY STEP 2: Get my exact tool kit

There is no guessing and endless youtube search on how to actually make the posts and get the message out in social media. I share the exact toolkit I had in place for my clients. 

Your clients’ social media content will be ready in no time!

SIMPLIFY STEP 3: Become your client’s most supportive team member 

Not only will you find templates to use for yourself inside the social media marketing template tool kit, but you will also have templates for your clients so they can easily do their part.

Say hello to the clients that will love you for your support and guidance (and not your cheap rates). 

Becoming A SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING VA For Podcast Hosts iS AMAZING Because

Podcasts have regular schedules so you can repurpose your clients’ podcast content and don’t need create content from scratch.

Podcast schedules are predictable and planned in advance, so you can easily schedule your work week and work load. 

Podcasts run consistently which means you have consistent work and – kaching – consistent income.

Only available until Friday, April 15th, 2022 midnight








My Podcast SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING TEMPLATE KIT will have everything you need
to work with podcast hosts on their social media marketing:

✨ Client Proposal Template

✨ Client Agreement Template

✨ Social Media Schedule

✨ Social Media Toolkit

✨ Podcast Content Vault Template

✨ Weekly Reporting Template

✨ Podcast Show Notes Template

✨ Podcast Transcript Template

✨ New Episode Email Template