It's time for less work, and more LIFE!

Your online business was going to be your ticket to freedom.

So why is it feeling like the most stressful full-time job ever?


Hi, I’m Julie… and I’m here to help you put the sparkle back into your business.


“This could be the biggest most influential step that you take as a business owner.”
~ Beth Schendel

What’s Your Freedom Goal?

I started my online business so that I could explore the world, make a great income while traveling, and say “Tschüss!” to a corporate job I hated. Today, I have a sparkling, abundant, automated online business that gives me total freedom to live my life any way I choose.

This year, I’ve decided to settle in a totally foreign country and spend time exploring all it has to offer – while making money!

I’m here to tell you, you absolutely can make a great living from your online business without being shackled to it 24/7.

Why not? An online business is an amazing journey.

Your online business has grown and you’ve scaled UP…
but you’re doing All. The. Things.

What got you to this level isn’t going to give you the profit and freedom you want.

The secret?

Customized strategies, systems, and support so you can do business, your way.

You’ve had great launches by following courses, formulas, webinars, and other people’s way of doing things.

Good times! But:

✔️ You’re still tethered to your business 24/7. Even when you’re living your life, you can’t stop thinking about your to-do list.

✔️ You want to be in your zone of genius, serving your clients deeply and celebrating their successes… but instead you’re stuck in all the manual weeds of tech and moving parts.

✔️ The more success you have, the more time you’re spending in basic customer service emails, troubleshooting tech with students, and responding to inquiries that aren’t about your amazing content.

✔️ You’ve had some successful launches, and you know you have a viable course, but it’s not smooth at all.

You’re ready for consistency, ease, and true, repeatable success!

“What is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?”

Mary Oliver

Let me help you design your next level online business, so you can step away and do less work, and live more life!

Systems I love to customize and automate to make your business shimmer, shine, and sparkle

Are you using the right systems, in the right way, so you can step away from your business and live your best life, worry-free?

Time to break all the online business rules that keep you working all the time, doing it all by yourself… and customize your business. (The way that works for your whole life, not just your internet life).

Successful online businesses are NOT just magical, mythical unicorns!

Happy Business Owners:

“Grateful the universe brought us together.
Grateful for your smile every time we meet.
Grateful for your expertise and sharing ideas to help us grow UMT.”

~ Glory St. Germain

“I was SO stuck! I was supremely frustrated and worried about my launch. Julie basically saved my whole launch. She really cares about her clients’ success and goes above and beyond to help you achieve your goals”.

~ Rhonda Douglas

Let's make your dreams reality!

Ready to make your online business work for you, so you can make your freedom goals come true?

Grab a Sparkle Session with me, and let’s see if we can bring some calm to the chaos!